Dear Readers, You are requested to suggest the names of great saints, seers and rishis who stood in line with yogic principles/grammer to be included in this page; or otherwise you may send the real history of such great personalities quoting the reference of the authoritative source.

1) About Babaji
2) About Rama Krishna Paramahamsa
3) About Ramana Maharashi
4) about Swmi Narayan
5) Autobiography of Yogananda
6) Life story of Vivekananda
7) Greatest Yogi and saint Sankaracharya
8) Legendary Story of a Great Sage Veda Vyas
9) Another Legendary Story of a Great Sage Agasthya
10) Realization of Universal Systems instill great powers but temptation and emotion spoil the same - for example is the story of a great sage Vishvamithra
11) Great saint Guru Nanak
12) Mystical Yogi Jnaneshwar
13) Life of Goutama Buddha
14) Life History of Jesus Christ
15) Life History of Mohd. Prophet
16) A great recent seer of India : Shiradi Saibaba
17) Life Story of Raghavendra Swamy
18) Life history of Seshadri Swamigal of Tiruvannamalai
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