Yoga, as a science, maintains good health, develops your personality, teaches the principles of universal, or cosmos, systems and helps to achieve the ultimate spiritual goal.

When man landed on moon, every man on earth felt so happy while listening, or reading, or viewing the news; and look: he has NOT verified this episode by himself but believed it because of absolute trust on science.  When he experiments and admits the scientific theories as fact in school days, he  admitted moon landing as a fact only because of his absolute trust.  When a small controversy arose whether the episode is true, or not, the doubt on the integrity of scientists arose in our minds.  When we believe science to be true, why don't we believe Yoga also as a science to be true as it has come to us after a lot of experiments and tests by high intellectuals.  The only problem is until the Yoga is taught in Universities, we don't accept it as science.

Even in science in the early days of education, we are taught the scientific principles to be swallowed as truth wherein after some time of maturity, we are allowed to experiment and understand it as a fact.  So also if you go through yogic practices now, you will realize it, after some time, as the ultimate science to understand the universal systems like our births, our fate, astronomical principles, interlink between astronomical bodies and our bodies, the relationship between ourselves and this earth where we live, etc. Under yogic principles there is no God but the system; if you understand the system you get enormous powers and ultimately you yourself, during this life while living itself, can become the system.  The person who has become the system during his life is called Yogi; Jesus Christ, Sankaracharya, Rama Krishna Paramahamsa, Buddha, etc are all yogis.

Every man is selfish in the sense all his approaches are for his advantage, or for his benefit.  His approach to God is also either for curing his ill-fate, or to get more material benefits, or solace, or happiness, or peace of mind.  When a Yogi can do all these, he also becomes God: for example Jesus Christ, Shirdi Saibaba, Raghavendra Swamy, etc.

The following lessons broadly outline the yogic philosophy as an ultimate science.

Lesson - 1   : Constitution and Seven Principles of Man

Lesson - 2   : Human Aura

Lesson - 3   : Thought Dynamics

Lesson - 4   : Telepathy and Clairvoyance

Lesson - 5   : Pschometry

Lesson - 6   : Human Magnetism

Lesson - 7   : Occult Theraputics

Lesson - 8   : Psychic Influence, Etc.

Lesson - 9   : Astral World

Lesson - 10 : Beyond the Border

Lesson - 11 : Spiritual Evolution

Lesson - 12 : Yogi Path of Attainment