Prophecies of Logaguru

Siddhars are altruistic. Magicians are self-centered.

The reason for the theft of icons of Gods is that they are not properly installed.

Not only do people run away after committing acts of sin, but the spirits too.

The quintessence of Sri Pambatti Siddhar's Grantha Sastra is proper regulation of breath. When breath is regulated in various ways, different angels get controlled.

Spirituality is the stage of preparing man for the vision of God; Gnana is the result of God realization.

'Winning over God' means mastery of three levels. 1. Winning over God, 2. Changing ones fate and 3. Controlling life principles in one's own self.

Pranava is an interminable, resplendent glow of fire.

Sufferings occur effortlessly; Prosperity is earned hard.

Good deeds are immeasurable; Debt is precisely calculable.

Religious unrest is in the offing.

Energy is that which exists; attainment requires demonstration.

It is certain: Where there are performances of miracles, destruction is bound to occur.

All forms of energy have two states, genuine and false. In the case of a Gnani, one merges into the other.

Eclipse is a combination of light and darkness.

Man's witness lasts till his lifetime; divine witness is eternal.

One of the six abodes of Lord Muruga remains embedded in the Indian Ocean .

I have created no weapons for destruction, but letters.

The present election process in India shall cease; instead the presidential form of government shall come into force.

Within 2010, the sun cannot be seen in the west. All the oil wells shall be set ablaze as a result of which there shall be perpetual daylight.

In 2010, a seven-minute earthquake shall rock all parts of the world. Then the African continent shall get split up into two, brine filling in between. At that time the history of a great yogi shall be brought forth, through which it will become clear who the genuine yogis are.

In 2010, 50% of America shall perish.

The capital of Tamil Nadu shall soon be shifted.

The level of oceans shall rise, submerging vast land areas.

By 2010, economic stratifications of the world will change.