Life of Christ

This section presents events in the Life of Christ.

Life Summary - Snapshots in the life of Christ

Birth of Jesus - The original Christmas story.

Exploring the Gospels - Matthew, Mark, Luke and John present the life of Christ. Discover the unique purpose of each gospel.

Genealogy of Jesus - An in-depth analysis of the family tree of Jesus.

Harmony of the Gospels - The life of Christ in approximate chronological order. An easy way to compare the gospels.

John the Baptist - The life of John the Baptist. Meet his disciples. Learn about the baptism of Jesus.

Miracles of Jesus - A list of the miracles of Jesus. Print this guide and keep it in your Bible.

Temptation of Christ - Jesus fasts for 40 days in the wilderness, and is then tempted by Satan 3 times.

Prophecies - Messianic Prophecies. This is a chart of the messianic prophecies from Isaiah 53 and Psalm 22

II. This 13-week series is great for a 1 quarter bible class on the life of Christ.


Week 1,  : Origin, Genealogy & Birth of Jesus 

Week 2, : John the Baptist prepares the way 

Week  3. : Sermon on the Mount 

Week  4. : Miracles and Seaside Parables 

Week  5. : John dies. Jesus walks on water. 

Week 6.: The Transfiguration 

Week  7.: Growing opposition. Good Samaritan.  

Week 8.: Warnings and Parables 

Week  9.: Lazarus is Raised. Triumphal Entry. 

Week  10.: Final week in Jerusalem 

Week  11.: The Upper Room 

Week  12.: Arrest and Trials of Jesus 

Week  13.: Crucifixion and Resurrection  

III. History of Christ

History shows that Jesus was a real person. The life of Christ can be placed in a historical context.
This section is presented to affirm the historical Jesus, and to stimulate further personal study on the history of Christ.

Crucifixion - Read a medical account of the death of Christ, written by a doctor. Examine the controversial Shroud of Turin. See the dramatic ShockWave animation of the crucifixion.

Historians - Links to Roman history websites, and to the works of first century historians, like Josephus, Philo, and Eusebius

Maps - Maps of the Roman Empire, Israel, and Galilee. See where Jesus traveled, and where John baptized him.

Rulers - Links to sites on Augustus Caesar, Herod, Pilate, and other rulers who influenced the life of Christ.

Timeline - A timeline for the life of Christ. Learn when he was born, when his ministry began, and when he died.