Insight vision of Patanjali yoga 

The spiritual union of yoga deals the science of the brain ,the mind , 
consciousness, thought and the conscience, which is very deep formless 
subject. It cannot be learned by study of knowledge of others as we study 
knowledge of other objects of world .The knowledge of other can only give 
indication. The reality of which can be felt by repeated practice and experience 
on it. To understand the movements of the thought with conscience in mental 
health, one must understand the brain ,the mind , consciousness, thought and 
the conscience.The brain is the control center of the central nervous system. 
Brains is the extremely complex control center. The science says that the human
 brain contains more than 100 billion cells and, each cell is linked to as many as 
10,000 interior cells. The human brain is the vital part of the central nervous
 system in humans as well as is its the primary control center for the peripheral 
nervous system. The brain controls involuntary activities such as heartbeat,
 respiration, and digestion . These are known as autonomic functions of physical 
life as well as sensation, movement, and a variety of special senses. The brain 
is also control center for conscious activities, such as thought, reasoning, and 
abstraction. The human brain is generally regarded as more capable of these 
control center order activities than that of any other known physical life.The mind 
is the name of the result of the activity of the brain. The collective aspects of 
intellect and consciousness which manifest in some combination of thought, 
perception, emotion, , memory, and imagination in the brain is called the mind. 
The thought or thinking which deals the goals, plans, ends and desires of the 
physical life are in the mental process of the mind.Consciousness is a quality 
of the mind called self-awareness, and it deals the ability to perceive the 
relationship between oneself and one's natural world .Subconscious in some 
branch of the deepest level of consciousness, that physical life is not directly 
aware of, but still affects its conscious behavior. The conscience is intellect to 
feel right and wrong in mental health of the brain. The awareness of a moral or 
ethical aspect to one's conduct together with the urge to prefer right over wrong 
is conscience in brain or mental health of mind. Like we say , let your conscience
 be your guide.Thought or thinking is a mental process of brain which allows 
beings to model the world, and so to deal with it effectively according to their 
goals, plans, ends and desires. Words referring to concepts and processes in the
 any language are thought. Thought or thinking involves manipulation of 
information, as when we form concepts, engage in problem solving, reason and 
make decisions. Thought or thinking is a higher function of brain and the analysis
of thinking processes is part of mental health of mind. The part of brain, which 
comes in contact with the material cells of millions of living cells of human body,
 is called the unconscious brain. This part is insignificant part of the entire brain 
and is also called individual brain as it differentiating between different human 
being. The part of brain, which comes in contact with the center of cells, is called 
the conscious brain. This brain is static in depth. It is motionless. But in its delicate and formless shape, the brain revolves around its axis at the speed of light. There is motion in it towards the form of body of living cell of human matter body at the speed of energy from the inside of the formless  nature essence. As such, all-living being cells in body are in a state of motion, similar to the motion of the vast waves in vast ocean. In the depths of the conscious brain, the waves like, karma knowledge of the person lies. The conscious brain experiences it’s feeling in forms of nature and emotional tides of human being. Human being’s brain makes his millions of living cell of human body to function accordingly. Really the body organs of human body are a mere cosmic machine that works as per the orders of inner formless brain. It even never tire or feel pain or joy and all these are the acts in inner formless brain The repeated effort of stopping the flow of emotional tides of the conscious brain and thought provoking emotions of the conscious and unconscious brain is called  spiritual union of yoga by sage Patanjali.

What is thought? Some saints always lives in the present moment. In the present moment all karma actions of brain and body are seedless and have neither any joy nor sorrow of matter world and as such neither are experienced. When a brain sleeps in a dreamless state, human being lives in the present moment. He forgets his joys and sorrow of matter world of nature. He takes a vision of his joys and sorrows only in the mirror of his thought of the future and the past forms. Thought of future or past forms of matter world of nature are only reprinted and can be remembered in the present moment of life. In the present moment of present matter world or its forms, there are no joy and sorrows. But thought are essential for a human being to have a vision of joys or sorrows of past or future relating thought. Remembering the past or future thought in unconscious human brain is like watching the movie in a cinema hall. Seeing the future desires or remembering the past life on the unconscious brain’s screen in a systematic way by human being is called thought. The effort to stop the flow of such thought is called  spiritual union of yoga by Guru Patanjali.

Do other living beings, not experience pain and pleasure? According to the capacity of thinking for the future desires or past life, a living being experience pain and pleasure. He becomes happy or sad accordingly and proportionally. Human being has developed the intellectual art of language speaking. In this thought process, he is above all other living being in universe. Human being experiences pain and pleasure much more than other living beings of universe. Look at most of the animals. If they have any physical ailment, their operative brain conveys this feeling or realization through their mental waves and they experience pain accordingly. This pain of physical ailments are felt equally by all educated or illiterate and those living being who have no developed language. But otherwise, you do see other living being or animals have no information knowledge or laughing or crying as human being. Both laughing and sadness are meaningless to them.

This is because; they do not have an understanding of pain or pleasure. For them, sitting in solitude or having mental ailment is meaningless. But look at human being; he is happy or sad as per the developed capacity of his intellect in thought. The expressions of thought on his face reflect the state of his happiness or sorrow, mental disorders and ailments as human being has. An intelligent human being is afraid of his thought. It is because his sorrow breeding thought encircle in his unconscious brain more and more. He is not used to living in the present moment of forms of matter world and to avoid, the siege of these thought, he keeps his thinking process focused on other distractions of thought like playing cards, watching TV’s, reading newspapers, chatting on Internet and if nothing else comes his way, reading novels.

In reality, no thought could give human being real happiness and serenity. 
Whatever joy he gets is a mere delusion of thought and is not genuine. It is just
 a way that is ultimately leading to a greater sorrow. The constant and repeated 
effort of stopping the flow of sorrow and joy provoking thought of matter world of
 nature is called  spiritual union of yoga by great sage Patanjali.

How do these thought come in the unconscious brain? In universe all the planet 
and matter and delicate cells mixture of nature essences in universe are 
constantly in double motion at a very fast speed. In the first motion, they revolve
 around their own axis of formless center of inner delicate nature essence and in 
the second motion; they revolve around, other form from which they have got 
creation. The moon, the earth, the sun, the stars and the galaxies and the outer 
endless forms of delicate nature essence in universe and do not know what else 
and where else and around what in the universe creation are all moving. All these
 cells mixtures of nature essence, which are in a constant state of motion are, 
however, bound to center of inner nature essence and are under the cosmic law of
 delicate nature essence to which they obey.Take the example of a smallest or 
the largest any cells of nature or human being body cells mixture. It is moving 
according to the cosmic law of nature. Its motion is the basis of its creation. 
Being in a state of motion the million cells of human body, human being body
becomes part and is in the natural behavior of all forms of universe. The formless
 inner delicate nature essence, inner soul essence and Inner God essence is, 
however, immovable, as motion and movement are not possible in the formless. 
But without motion, the forms of human living being cannot move, perform action
 and exist, as only the formless is static.Human being has learnt the art of 
intelligence. Though his intelligence he stores in his unconscious brain, the desire
 thought or imaginative thought of various forms. His brain however can works on 
thought of one form at a time. He visualizes or sees the thought of the various for
ms on the screen of his unconscious brain as and when he desires. This process 
resembles the moving of the scenes in a movie, which are displayed in a 
systematic way in cinema hall in order to give a full and complete understanding 
of the movie. Similarly, in this way, the unconscious brain keeps on remembering,
 the flow of thought and events of past or future forms. Really a human being with
 a developed brain keeps on thinking of thousands thought simultaneously. He 
keeps on storing these thought and keeps on extracting thought out of stored
 thought in unconscious brain regularly and continuously.Or he keeps on making 
some changes in the pattern of his thought in unconscious brain. Really it is 
difficult to imagine that the brain of human being is engaged in such a large-scale
 business of thought. It is said that the brain is the fastest moving delicate 
element of nature essence. When the flow of thought in unconscious brain of 
human being gets increased and not properly kept harnessed, the thought become sorrow and distress provoking and painful. At that time, the unconscious brain plunges the human being into a state of turmoil, causing the human being to get upset. It is then that it starts worrying and through worrying feels mentally sick. Unless he reduces, the flow of his thought, he continues on getting more and more mentally sick.

Modern science has developed a computer to store some human being thought 
outside the human being’s brain.  Patanjali says that whatever information 
knowledge a human being may gather through these thought, it is all external 
knowledge of matter world. It is false thought and imaginative or lack of spiritual 
knowledge. It cannot be called true thought, become true thought leads to the
 correct knowledge of the inner soul essence and correct knowledge of inner 
God essence. Correct knowledge is not easily obtainable, but can be acquired by 
experience in the present matter world only. It is acquired by the deeper and 
inner conscious brain but the knowledge of the conscious brain is incomprehensible to the developed human being intelligent and brain. Despite being so, developed human being’s intellect cannot reach the inner conscious brain. This is because it is formless from inside. No action and movement can take in the formless and no form can be created there for the intellect of human being. Really the stock of intellectual thought of unconscious brain of human being proves an obstacle in the path of meditation. As such  Patanjali says that stopping the flow of thought of unconscious brain and through concentration in inner conscious brain during meditation, one can feel or realize correct knowledge of the self. This is called  spiritual union of yoga, which is human being’s union with inner God essence.

There are three ways leading to roads to the attainment of self-conscious 
realization and Inner God essence realization. Approximately three basic ways and
 techniques emerge from the teaching of all available religions and saints. One 
religion attaches more importance to one mode whereas the other religion 
attaches greater importance to another modes. However all these techniques and modes or religions of human being agree that recitation of inner God essence’s name, performing good deeds and acquiring pure knowledge about the cycle of result oriented karma action are necessary website page s towards self-conscious realization and Inner God essence realization.  Patanjali attaches more importance to acquisition of pure knowledge about the cycle of result-oriented actions and speaks about its spiritual knowledge in  spiritual union of yoga. As to another modes, he remains mostly silent. It is only when, there is a hindrance in  spiritual union of yoga practice that he speaks to avail benefits about other modes and religious practices.  website page  2 ends.
 spiritual union of yoga Tip: - Select one spiritual form like Shankaracharya & 
remain above any blind worship or superstition attached to it. Meditation 
consciously and regularly on it with devotion and. Here is offered an icon of 
spiritual form of Shankaracharya that is the great mystic, saint, poet and 
philosopher of Hindu reform & born in the 8th century AD. While fixing attention 
on spiritual form of Sankaracharya , hear to Sankaracharya , recite about quality 
of Sankaracharya  or remember about  Sankaracharya  repeatedly and continue 
to feel Sankaracharya  for 15 minutes or so. It could work as short cut medicine to
 control and cure various kinds of bodily and mental strains and diseases such as 
sleeplessness, blood pressure, physical strains, mental worry and/ or mental fears.
 It also improves concentration and meditation cosmic power and makes brain 
refreshing.Sankaracharya  complied Advaita Vedanta, the ancient Vedas that teach 
a totality that goes beyond pluralism, and identifies the individual soul to oneness 
of formless Absolute and unchangeable. Shankaracharya is an Indian philosopher 
who lived the 8th century AD, and advocated self-conscious is true essence of 
universe. He presented commentaries on "Brihadaranyaka Upanishad", "Chandogya
 Upanishad" and "Mandukya Upanishad", "Brahma Sutra", "Bhagavad Gita” 
and” Patanjali's Yoga Sutras ". He is also said to have written, among others, 
"Vivekacudamani", where he fully expounded Vedantic non-duality principles, and
 " Self-Knowledge", where he  discusses the identity between Atman 
[self-conscious] and Brahman [nature essence]. Shankaracharya advocates that 
the real, experiential knowledge of the Brahman/Atman [inner self] identity is 
sufficient to get enlightened. That the spiritual seekers who are ready to become
 desire less in thought to obtain the supreme wisdom, they need neither rituals
 nor meditation as spiritual exercise. Shankaracharya dispels almost all arguments
 made by his opponents. His use of logic is unalterable, and in depth. To his 
opponents who ask him why "Inner self becomes many, Shankaracharya answers
 that it is because of our lack of knowledge which makes us "superimposed egoism
" the false on the real, and believe that "inner self" looks many. But as soon as he
 drops the false thought knowledge, he can experience the reality as it is. 
Similarly, because of the false knowledge about our real identity, people 
misunderstand that there is a phenomenal world, which is different from us. It is 
those who can get rid of this false "superimposition", who will know 
instantaneously that persons are one with the whole world, and that persons are 
"enlightened" already here, at this very moment. Shankaracharya lived a short yet
 incredibly full life. From a very young age he learnt the ancient knowledge of the
 Vedas. He then traveled, talking, lecturing and debating with the wise ones,
 bringing order out of chaos. This was a time of upheaval, of dissipation, changing
 populations. The order and direction he brought still gives inspiration today. Many
 spiritual scholars have elaborated his spiritual knowledge continuously over the 
past 1200 years. Adi Sankara have established in India four monastic centers of
 learning spiritualism in Sringeri, Puri, Dwaraka and Badrinath that continue 
spiritual preaching in Vedic traditions.